A displacement sensor (displacement gauge) will be used to measure travel ranges between an object and a reference position. Displacement Sensors can be used for determination of height, thickness, and width in addition to travel range.

Displacement Sensors can be classified into two categories:

  • Non-contact measurement using light or magnetic fields.
  • Contact measurement performed in direct contact with the target.

Sensiotivity Sensors Displacement Sensors are contact sensors offering a high resolution:

  • Measurement available even after loss of voltage supply.
  • Suitable for very high linear velocity (10 m/s).
  • No sensitive for lateral vibrations and lateral forces.
  • Sensitivity of 48 - 2400 [mV /mm].
  • No need for external amplification.
  • Can be used as crack sensor in the micrometer range.
  • Absolute path measurement system without any dead area.
  • Exactly 0 to 250mm; special to more than 6000 mm.
  • Resolution 0.3 µm; special: 0,005 µm.
  • High moment of inertia.
  • Ready for IIoT

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