Our Products

This is common to all Sensiotivity Sensors

  • High linearity and repeatability
  • No problems with EMC
  • No problems with vibration
  • Measurement of various properties at high frequency (dynamic systems)
  • Ready for harsh conditions as:
    • High temperatures (over 250°C)
    • High volatility
    • High radioactive environment or
    • Strong magnetic fields (EMC insensitivity)
  • Can be modified for usage in systems with risk of explosion
  • No Signal drift
  • High dynamic range
  • No need for external amplification
  • Insensitive for undesired lateral vibrations and forces
  • Ready for IoT/ Industry 4.0:
    • minimized memory requirements and time of data processing
    • Flexible regarding communication technology and protocols
    • Expansions for alliances (e.g. Sigfox) possible